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B2B appointment setting: Generating sales with outbound calls

By September 14, 2013August 4th, 2022No Comments

B2B Appointment SettingContinuing from the previous post…

Having a ‘wow’ offer might not always be possible for a B2B appointment setting, but it’s all the more necessary that telecallers at least have one talking point as their opening pitch. The first appointment objections are going to be raised during the first call itself (or maybe for the next call, but that’s pushing it), it’s important that the first few seconds are sufficient to create interest for the prospect and show him/her how the offering can benefit them. A really good reason for the company to accept the appointment is, thus, very essential for things to progress further on.

B2B appointment setting is also dependent on the principle of ‘feel, felt, found’ which comprises acknowledging the other person’s objections (I understand how you feel. Many would feel the same way, but there’s also the point of __________) and then persuading them to see the bright side. Setting up an appointment must be shown as a way to resolve all their issues and apprehensions. When this is done, one can take an assumptive approach and take it forward from there with little hindrance to setting up the appointment.

It’s not new for businesses to resort to B2B appointment settings for generating sales. However, it is rare for them to succeed at this endeavor because everyone’s doing it, which means it’s very difficult for everyone. However, there are certain tactics that can be used to get better success.

The first among this series of steps is to plan the call in advance. Mostly, the calling team is too eager to get started, which makes them neglect the basics like reviewing all the information that is necessary to make the call, like the product or service being offered. It won’t be the best thing obviously to interrupt the call in between to check up on details. It’s necessary to have the answers to all kinds of questions in mind, or at least written down in one’s own language on the desk.

Next, just because a B2B appointment setting is happening on the phone, doesn’t mean one has to act that way. The ones who get through to the prospect are the ones who think of it as an actual conversation. Sitting comfortably, talking with a smile on the face and similar nuances is what make all the difference!

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