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It depends on your point of view whether you consider The Global Associates B2B appointment setting as a science or as an art. You might say that B2B appointment setting is a science since one needs to adopt certain tools and principles to work systematically in this profession. On the other hand, you might argue that it’s an art since the approach of a B2B appointment setting agency makes all the difference, and no two agencies adopting the same methodology are assured of the same amount of success. However, the all important thing is that whether you call it a science or an art, B2B appointment setting is all about getting your clients face to face with the desired decision makers. Here are a few tips to help you do better in your endeavor.

  • Be a thorough professional:


An appointment setter can never succeed in convincing the prospect if he is not a thorough professional, an honest person. Trying to trick your way through a call screener may succeed occasionally, but it’s best to be prepared with the pain points of the prospect and a viable solution before making a call. Professionalism always attracts professionals, and honesty is one quality that is respected by one and all.


  • Be ready with an incentive:


B2B appointment setting companies should be ready with an incentive for the prospects. You should give the decision makers a reason for meeting your clients, after all they are busy people. The incentive could be in the form of a nice presentation, an inside information on their industry, a discussion about their main issues, anything that might tell them that meeting with you is beneficial.


  • Make an effort to build credibility:


You can be successful in B2B appointment setting only if you succeed in building credibility. It’s always better to present yourself as a problem solver rather than as a salesperson interested only in a deal. Try to help the customer by pinpointing their pain point and devising a customized solution for them. Build trust and getting an appointment is the next logical step.

B2B appointment setting is a simple but by no means an easy job. Being honest and thoroughly professional is the first step if you want to master this art. Building trust and presenting yourself as a problem solver are the other essential elements of the trade.

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