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B2B Appointment Setting Services: Judging Customer’s Motivation

Judging a customer’s motivation is a very important part of the job of B2B appointment setting services. Every customer who has problems and who is willing to discuss them is not going to move forward with your B2B appointment setting services. There are all sorts of customers who are likely to persist with their problems without doing anything to resolve them. If you persist with them hoping to get the deal, you are perhaps wasting your time. So how can you judge if a customer lacks motivation to do something about alleviating their pain?

You can categorize the customers who are likely to live with their problems for some time to come under different heads so that your B2B appointment setting services can devote their time on other clients:

Customers lacking internal support

Customers with a cash crunch

Customers without adequate knowledge about the industry

Customers lacking courage to go ahead with required changes

Customers without requisite experience of the business

You must understand that most of these prospects actually want to do something about solving their problems, trouble is that they lack the motivation needed to make the efforts. As a result, they may decide to live with their problems. The million dollar question is how do your B2B appointment setting services ascertain if a client is motivated enough. You can do it by prompting the client to move forward with you towards the next step in the sales cycle. Offer to make a presentation showing how you are going to solve their problem. Try to see if they are willing to invest timeand move forward with you. If they are reluctant, it’s time you move on and concentrate on other leads.

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