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B2B Appointment Setting: What’s With The Image!

By June 13, 2013March 16th, 2023No Comments

Appointment Setting ServicesWhenever one talks about marketing and B2B appointment setting, executives always seems to have a pretty blessed white view of the business image. Some think that image is everything in this context, and can make or break a deal with regard to setting an appointment, while others think that image is just an excuse to overcompensate for business values. However, it has been conclusively proven time and again that image does have a lot to do with appointment setting. But it’s also true that just marketing techniques or pitches can’t for a business image – thebe y are driven by the business values.

Taking the example of a tax consulting firm – the B2B appointment setting services campaign is supposed to prove to the TG that the expertise provided by the enterprise is comprehensive & reliable, and can help companies keep their business operations aligned with the legal procedures. So, even though the leads are important, one must never be afraid to say things that may put off some clients, as long as they are in line with the business values. This is what it actually means to have an image. There shouldn’t be anything fake about the pitch, i.e., prospects should be able to see what they’re being offered.

More on this in the next post…

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