B2B data cleaning and verification Services For Accurate Data

Sure, you have a substantial database. But how much of it is actually worth the time and effort spent? At The Global Associates, we help you make the most of the available data by cleaning it for optimum usage with B2B data cleaning and verification services. Often, there are many gaping holes in the data sheets, like incorrect or incomplete email addresses and phone numbers, duplicate entries et al. This leads to misassumptions and plenty of confusion. Since even after employing the best of resources, one can’t get the desired results.

We ensure that all the information you have is accurate and consistent with your requirements. Here’s how we go about our task:

  • Internet or telephone based verification of database
  • Ensuring new data sources are up to speed with the requirements of importing data into the database or CRM system
  • Rectify incorrect spellings and other discrepancies like improper formats and missing elements
  • Modify company profile data like SIC code, annual revenue, etc. to ensure better scoring and targeting
  • Comply with the strictest standards of data validation to deliver better contact segmentation


Know your list

Instead of having to sift through hundreds and thousands of entries, you can now focus on just those that will give you results.

Better utilization of resources

Earlier, you might have required a large team to pursue leads. Now, just a handful might do the trick, and give better results!

Avoid missing links

Oftentimes, you may think your database is comprehensive, but with incomplete entries, there’s only so far you can go. We make sure such obstacles are obviated.

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