B2B Data Solutions and Services

When it comes to sales success, data is key to getting things moving. Bottom line being that the quality of information a company has about its prospects pretty much decides how far it will get in the race to make the most of the available opportunities. With The Global Associates by your side, you can almost always be sure to hit the Bull’s Eye with our B2B Data Solutions and Services.

Custom List Building

The Global Associates can work with you to create targeted data lists for you. Our Data Research Services Team understands your target markets, identifies companies and right party contacts in those companies with contact details. All this at a reduced cost.


Data Cleaning

The Global Associates’ Data Research Services, will help you make the most of the available data by cleaning it for optimum usage. Often, there are many gaping holes in the data lists, like incorrect or incomplete email addresses and phone numbers, duplicate entries et al.We ensure that all the information you have is accurate and consistent with your requirements.


Account Profiling

With The Global Associates, your sales team will get the added advantage of knowing which lead to pursue and which one is just a wild goose chase. Long story short, we provide actionable intelligence for effective communication and customized solutions that lead to higher conversions and more bang for your buck, as well as efforts.

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