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B2B Demand Generation Examples For 2023 To Create Brand Awareness

Demand generation is the top of sales funnel activity for building brand awareness, increasing traffic, and creating opportunities. The post discusses some effective B2B demand generation examples for creating a well-defined pipeline for the sales teams.

B2B demand generation companies like The Global Associates work tirelessly to build brand awareness, increase website traffic, and secure quality leads in the year 2022 and beyond. Innovative, powerful methods and strategies are adopted by experienced B2B demand generation companies to create a predictable pipeline for the sales teams to take over and convert these leads into paid customers.

The sales experts would tell you that different methods, including search engine optimization SEO, can take your efforts only up to a point; you cannot grow your business without converting curiosity into customers. B2B demand generation is a potent tool for creating a healthy pipeline of promising leads; it involves strategies for expanding your audience base and generating awareness and demand for your products or services using effective methods.

The constant endeavor of demand generation companies is to achieve several objectives like creating demand and awareness for your offerings by expanding your audience, generating urgency, and demonstrating their benefits to encourage interested prospects to take appropriate action. The initial campaigns are focused on attracting the target audience to approach you to help them solve their problems. Effective demand generation methods are then employed to prompt the audience to engage with your published content, attend the webinars and other events organized by you, and show a keen interest in acquiring and using your products or services.

The objective of B2B demand generation marketing is to nurture and engage your prospects and improve awareness about your brand. You aim to help the prospect move through the initial stages of a buyer’s journey to turn them into qualified leads. Having done that, you strive to convert them into new customers by employing a well-planned sales pitch.

Main differences between demand generation and lead generation:

People often consider demand gen and lead gen as two names for the same process, however, that’s not correct. Demand generation is the process of growing your audience by drawing new visitors to your website, the objective is to give them an idea about your products or services. On the other hand, lead generation aims to convert your audience into qualified leads. Demand generation thus feeds into lead generation by building awareness and developing interest to increase customers’ level of motivation.

B2B Demand Generation Examples

Some of the best B2B Demand Generation Examples:

Reputed B2B demand generation companies are aware of the fact that generating demand is not an automatic process, one has to make consistent, concerted efforts to achieve it. It’s important to realize that the demand generation process may be different for every unique business and every unique organization, however, a common basis can be identified. You must adopt the right approach, following is a brief discussion on some of the most effective demand generation examples.

1. Offering free stuff

It’s important to understand the psychology of the customer: every prospect loves getting something for free.  Plan to offer something in the form of a carrot to attract more traffic. This will enable you to build trust with the prospects as they get a good idea of what you offer in real-time. You also give them a good insight into the quality of your product/ service and the credibility of your organization, helping them make purchasing decisions on solid grounds.

2. Guest posting

The principle that helps you make your outreach programs more successful is: the more the reach, the better the results. Posting a blog on your website is a good idea, of course, however, it caters only to people from your already existing audience. You can extend your reach substantially by writing a blog for someone else. It allows you to include their audience in your fold as they are also reading about your products/ services, thus getting to know about your expertise. Whenever they require this expertise, they might get interested in your services, which will be a good source of quality leads for you.

3. Social media marketing

Social media wasn’t earlier considered a great marketing tool, however, with more than eighty percent of companies using the platform to engage effectively with customers, it has become the real deal now. You have an opportunity to be engaging with prospective and existing customers in real-time. It allows you to clear your doubts and apprehensions instantly. You can use social media platforms to reach out to your target audience in a friendly manner to catch their attention.

4. Email marketing

Despite all the modern tools and techniques, email marketing remains a potent tool for demand-generation companies. Try innovative ways to keep it authentic and effective, and offer value to the customer. Don’t pester them with irrelevant stuff, instead show them what they want to see. Always make it a habit to send the right message to the right audience by customizing your emails to provide the required information to the prospects. Of course, tell them about your products/ services, but focus on inducing their interest.

You can choose from a galaxy of effective B2B demand generation examples to arouse the interest of a prospect to turn them into qualified leads, just choose the ones that suit your requirements. You may need a combination of the methods since different examples can work better for different stages of the sales funnel, build your funnel accordingly.


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