B2B Inside Sales

Want to Outsource Inside Sales? Come to The Global Associates!

The outsourcing industry has grown by leaps and bounds in the past decade, with a majority of even the critical functions like inside sales in organizations of all shapes and sizes being outsourced.

Why then, should your organization be left behind? Outsource Inside Sales to The Global Associates and help your business grow while saving on hiring and managing.

The Global Associates specializes in setting up an inside sales team that services you exclusively. With its unique global delivery model, TGA can fundamentally reduce the costs of sales and open up new markets/segments.

We can take up revenue targets for you to enhance your total new and repeat business inflow and efficiently deliver the complete sales cycle and provide tailor-made solutions to various industry verticals. Our process-oriented approach translates into a high success rate for our clients across the world.

However, we, at The Global Associates, do understand your apprehension when it comes to relying on a team that sits at another location. This is why we have our dedicated teams, exclusive to you and working as an extension of your in-house staff.

You can derive all the benefits of having a dedicated and highly qualified sales team, without the many obligations that come with such a setup.


Professional approach

Our inside sales team comprises experienced tele-sales personnel who have many years of experience.

Unmatched collaboration

We join forces with your current sales and operations teams to understand your brand offering. Better collaboration means better conversions.

Customized solutions

We create solutions specific to the needs of your clients and prospects. All you have to do is present them and enjoy higher conversions.

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