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B2B Lead Generation: 3 Customer Concerns You Must Address

By July 26, 2023August 8th, 2023No Comments

The sales process almost always begins with a dialogue between a salesperson and an interested customer, one must necessarily assuage their doubts and apprehensions to take it forward. The post discusses some main doubts you must address to build trust and credibility with the customer to Boost your B2B Lead Generation efforts.

Top lead generators like The Global Associates understand that developing a sustainable business relationship and boosting B2B lead generation almost always begins with a meaningful conversation between their salespersons and an interested prospect in the year 2023. Online marketing methods have become nifty for many to make their B2B lead generation campaigns more effective today, however, the age-old art of cold calling remains a very potent tool even now. 

Making cold calling more effective:

Cold calling can still give full value for time and money spent by making necessary adjustments according to the changed business realities of the day. This is a fact that the top-level decision-makers are extremely preoccupied with now and it’s getting increasingly difficult to reach out to them. Lead generation services must understand the situation and try experimenting a little to keep this time-tested tool as useful as in the earlier days. You cannot just pick up your phone and dial a number randomly, that won’t give you desired results. It’s necessary to do thorough research about the desired decision maker and their organization, understand their requirements and their main issues. Only then you must try contacting them. This will increase The credibility of B2B lead generation companies and make their campaign more effective and result-oriented.

The importance of the first few minutes: 

B2B lead generation companies must realize that the first few minutes of a cold call are vital for the success, or failure, of their effort. These few minutes decide whether the sales process is going forward or ending right here. 

A great challenge: 

Reaching out to strangers is always a real challenge for your sales reps. You haven’t built credibility with them and they will in all probability have their doubts and apprehensions about your capabilities and intentions. Until and unless you assuage their apprehensions and address their queries, You won’t be able to take the sales process forward. Once you can build that trust, the next step would be to develop a long-lasting business relationship with them. 

Inbound and outbound leads: 

We are here to discuss some common doubts raised by the customers and their best possible solutions. However, let’s first have an idea about the two main types of lead generation: inbound and outbound lead generation. 

Inbound lead generation: 

Also called “pull marketing”, inbound lead generation encourages prospects to reach out to you for more information about your offerings. Some main characteristics are as follows: 

  • You identify the target audience as per your industry and expertise 
  • You publish relevant, attractive material more frequently to draw the attention of potential customers 
  • Once you succeed in increasing the traffic to your website, you seek to acquire their personal information and turn them into leads 
  • You seek the prospect’s permission to interact with them, so this is also called the permission marketing 
  • The sales cycle of inbound leads is shorter and the success rate is usually high 

Outbound lead generation: 

Also called “disruptive marketing”, outbound lead generation involves reaching out to high-potential customers to promote your products/ services. Some characteristics are as follows:

  • It’s about selling your products to high-potential leads 
  • Involves one-way communication with the target audience
  • Needs more investment and is more expensive 
  • Disruptive marketing since it interrupts the customer 
  • Has a longer sales cycle and lower success rate
  • Still considered suitable for high-end products 

3 Customer Concerns You Must Address to Boost B2B Lead Generation Efforts:

B2B Lead Generation in India

Following is a brief discussion on some of the most likely doubts prospects may have.

1. Are you wasting their time?

This is a serious concern on the part of the busy decision-makers when Lead generation companies try approaching them. They develop an aversion to unsolicited calls or people eating into their productive moments. They won’t entertain you unless you have something special for them. Learn to respect their time, and don’t brag about your organization, just be brief and to the point. You stand a chance only if they think talking with you is worth their time. Always have a clear-cut strategy and script ready before you approach them, going extempore is not a good idea.

2. Do you have something valuable for them?

Lead generation services must have something special to offer if they don’t want the call to end very soon. Execute your plan well to keep the prospect interested for an extended period, which may give you a chance to convince them to consider your offerings. Do a thorough research, identify their requirements and pain points. Prepare a short and crisp script accordingly for your sales reps to use during the call. Make sure the script includes all the salient features of your offer to arouse the interest of the customer. 

3. Do you offer any incentives for them?

A carrot never fails to work. Spell out this direct incentive in clear terms to make the customer believe that this is going to be mutually beneficial. This will encourage them to spare more time for you to interact on the phone or in person.

About The Global Associates (TGA):

The Global Associates offers expert, affordable B2B lead generation and B2B demand generation solutions. You can ensure increased productivity of your sales team and sustainable revenue generation working with us. Our team of experienced sales and marketing professionals uses a strategic 360º approach that relies on Account Based Marketing (ABM). The Global Associates arms you with the right strategy, technology, and operations to engage well with your target audience!  We offer specialized services like automated Drip Emails, scalable and technologically advanced platforms for marketing automation, direct Email marketing, hyper-personalized Emails to maximize impact, LinkedIn outreach, and conversational marketing.

Boosting B2B lead generation is one of the toughest jobs in the world, made even tougher today by the changed business realities of the era. Cold calling can still be a potent tool for you, however, you must proactively try to assuage the doubts and objections of the customer to successfully take the sales process forward. 

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