B2B Lead Generation Agency: Problem of Too Many Sales Proposals

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Every B2B lead generation agency usually considers getting to the proposal stage of a sale a reason to celebrate, who doesn’t want a lot of proposals in their kitty after all. More proposals give more satisfaction to everyone working at the B2B lead generation agency, the quantity of the sale proposals is considered synonymous with the thriving health of the organization. Most sales people think that the number of proposals they write is directly proportional to the number of deals they close, but is that true? If your sales pipeline is filled with proposals, does it mean you are doing good business?

While it’s true that writing a lot of proposals does reflect the vigor and vitality of your B2B lead generation agency, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are doing good business. Let us not forget that preparing proposals takes a lot of time and energy of your sales people, and dishing out proposals without any clear strategy and direction is perhaps wasting your manpower and resources, something you can better utilize with a better strategy, with a targeted approach.

Remember, just being energetic and action-oriented will not ensure success for your B2B lead generation agency. If you are dishing out proposals that are not custom made for your clients, the mere number of proposals is not going to close more deals for you. A client is going to take your services only when you give them that is innovative and effective and can help them enhance their profit margins and efficiency levels. You can do that only when you don’t go after numbers but take every individual proposal with utmost seriousness and sincerity.

Creating good leads is essential for any B2B lead generation agency, and taking the leads to the proposal stage is the next logical step, but you must entertain only those proposals that you can handle well and do justice with. This will enhance your reputation and help you close a greater percentage of deals.

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