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5 Traits Of Low Performers That Can Sink A B2B Lead Generation Agency

One bitter fact for The Global Associates B2B lead generation agency is that just a few high performing employees bring in the majority of the business while rest of their colleagues contribute next to nothing. What’s even more shocking is that most B2B lead generation services accept this truth lying down and don’t even try improving the performance of their under performers.

These sales persons exhibit the same inefficiency both at nurturing new leads and at closing deals. It’s essential for the management of a B2B lead generation agency to identify and list the basic skills of the top performers. Once this is done, it’s easy to train the other members of the sales team in advancing leads as well as closing them, benefiting the agency.

Just like the top performers, the low performers also have certain traits that often prove to be the undoing of B2B lead generation services. Let us take a look at some of these traits. If the under performers can identify their flaws and learn to overcome them, they can become assets for their B2B lead generation agency.

  • Inability to impress the prospect:


Making a good impression on your prospect in the very first call is vital, and this is where the low performers fail miserably. Once the customer pushes the disconnect button, the lead is lost forever. These low performers fail to develop any sort of rapport with the prospect that is so essential for taking the sales process forward.

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5 Traits Of Low Performers That Can Sink A B2B Lead Generation Agency

  • Inability to empathize with the prospect:


B2B lead generation company cannot thrive without empathizing with the prospect to understand their needs and problems well but the low performers typically fail in this mission. They are often too reluctant to come out of their comfort zones and ask the prospect direct questions for eliciting their specific needs and requirements. This doesn’t go well with the customer and a promising lead is lost.

  • Inability to build relationships:


The primary objective of B2B lead generation company is to build long-lasting relationships with the customers. However, the low performers typically lack this trait. Instead of listening to the customers to understand them better, they continue bragging about their company and their solutions. This ends the customers’ interest early and they terminate the call.

  • Lack of far sightedness:


The top performers have the far sightedness to pursue promising prospects who are not yet ready for the deal, but the low performing reps lack this trait. They fail to make long-term goals or to follow-up quality leads.

  • Inability to be flexible:


One typical trait of the low performing sales reps is that they lack the intelligence or flexibility to go with the flow of a conversation. They feel lost when they try to move away from the script and cannot mould a conversation if the customer has a different need.


It’s essential for B2B lead generation agency to hold regular training sessions where the top performers can share their knowledge and secrets with their low performing colleagues. These sessions can help immensely in improving the overall performance and success rates of the sales team.