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B2B lead generation companies and Twitter

Offshore B2B lead generation companiesAn exponentially increasing number of B2B lead generation companies are constantly evolving with the changing face of social media marketing. And the process of lead generation has been quite stuck without any forward momentum in recent times. Till recent times, locating leads on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter required more detailed work and time with regards to posting promotional information without the guarantees of having a conversation. However, the new lead generation card on Twitter may be just what B2B lead generation companies needed to make a difference.

The card has been designed in a simple way and with minimal chance of getting confused. True, daily users find Twitter’s new additions quite challenging, but as far as this latest innovation is concerned, posting a promotional tweet is all that is needed to kick start the process, along with adding a lead generation card. Once this is done, Twitter adds the expand icon at the bottom of the tweet which can be opened by a follower. This expanded portion allows followers to add their name to the mailing list without having to go to the trouble of visiting the business website. The way Twitter does this is by sending the email address to the business from the user’s Twitter account.

While B2B lead generation companies might be concerned with this practice as customers would want to know how much information is being passed on in this manner, the fact is that the information provided to the business is not more than what is already being shared via any regular business enquiry form. Not to mention that this business tool is just what the doctor ordered for brands in the social media world. It’s expected that Facebook would replicate this model once the beta testing shows the success of this new initiative.

As of now, this proposition is a very low cost per lead deal for B2B lead generation companies, and it’s virtually guaranteed to make waves before the end of the year. Businesses are already struggling with the more complicated format of Facebook, so once this development comes into being, we will be able to see a lot of traction towards the micro blogging site. Right now, just mid and small businesses can avail the benefits of the lead generation card, with the latter being the most excited about the proposition owing to the obvious benefit in terms of cost cutting and optimization.

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