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B2B Lead Generation Companies: Creative Management Of Relationships

The entire business scenario has changed over the past few decades and B2B lead generation companies need to adopt new innovative methods and techniques to stay ahead of their competitors. The fact is that the decision makers virtually live on the edge today with so many fires to put out, B2B lead generation companies cannot hope to win them over using the same old cold calling techniques. The entire process of getting to that all important people has become far more complex now with the technology and the habits of the key decision makers undergoing a sea change. Traditional cold calling techniques need a significant make over in the present day business scenario in order to make an entry into the sales cycle.

To make a meaningful contact with the key decision makers in the present day sales environment, cold calling requires a creative management of relationships and building of thoughtful approaches based on innovative sales strategies.

Some of the basic fundamentals of cold calling that B2B lead generation companies can adopt in today’s complex and maddening business environment are as follows:

Moving slowly up the hierarchy ladder:

The top level decision makers are so busy putting out a thousand fires of their own everyday, they put up several layers of barriers around themselves in call screeners and administrative assistants. It’s best to start from the lower level executives in an organization and be known to the top bosses before you actually approach them.

Don’t be too greedy:

Don’t be in a hurry to grab a sales opportunity, decision makers have a natural aversion to greedy salespersons. Make your call sound like a business intelligence call, not a sales call. Try to strengthen your social networking with every call and prepare the groundwork for the sales cycle to follow. Empathize with the prospect, know about their needs and pain points, so that you can offer them a good solution.

Learn to use referrals:

Making a short list of useful referrals is very handy while cold calling. Use these referrals while approaching the key decision makers, this can open a few gates for you and let you in with minimum resistance.

The realities of the business world have changed, so B2B lead generation companies should also adopt new methods and approaches if they want to succeed in this fiercely competitive world.

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