Cutting Out The Frills Can Help B2B Lead Generation Companies

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Using a lot of buzz words, technical jargon and superfluous language has become a norm for most B2B lead generation companies these days. The Global Associates B2B lead generation companies tend to use ornate language instead of keeping things simple and to the point when it comes to explaining the value propositions, competitive advantages and salient features of their solutions to the prospects. However, it only makes things complex for both the vendor and the prospect.

 B2B Lead Generation Companies Frills
Cutting Out The Frills Can Help B2B Lead Generation Companies

Customer matters:

The sales people, in an effort to impress the prospects, often forget what the customers really want to buy. They fail to understand the fact that the customers look for some very basic things instead of getting impressed by all the buzz words and technical jargon. What are these basic fundamentals that attract a prospect the most?

  • Saving time
  • Saving (or earning) more money, and
  • Avoiding unnecessary hassles


It’s important for a B2B lead generation agency to understand that the above mentioned things are the most critical drivers behind any major sales decision. It’s virtually impossible to motivate a buyer without convincing them that your solution can help them save time, save or make more money or avoid undue hassles. A presentation is unlikely to succeed if one or more of these elements are not included as a part of your presentation strategy. So how do these factors work?


  • Saving time:


You just have to demonstrate to your customers that your solution can help the customers get things faster and more efficiently, with less wasted time; there is really no need of talking too much about technical features, design concepts or the technology being used. Demonstrate through statistical data about how many man hours your solution can save, how much faster their processes can become or how much productivity you can help them achieve; these are the statistics clients really care for.


  • Saving (or making) money for them:


Often B2B lead generation services make the false assumption that lowering prices is the only way of starting a business relationship. That is not true. If your solution/ product can offer significant cost savings to your customer, they are more likely to get impressed. Mere promises will not do, you have to demonstrate exactly how you are going to help them save or make more money.


  • Avoiding undue hassles:


B2B lead generation companies need to demonstrate that their solution is easy to work with, more customer-friendly, far more elegant than the existing one being used by the customer, and can help them bring down the stress level. Business people always look for solutions that make their lives easier, simpler and stress-free, reducing their stress is an essential component of a solution.


Clouding their conversations with technical jargon, flowery language and unnecessary buzz words is not a sound strategy for B2B lead generation companies. Focusing on your customer’s issues and keeping things simple will profit the clients more and give you an edge over your competitors.

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