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Most B2B lead generation companies follow the same process for taking their sales leads forward- they start with a large pool of prospects and then narrow it down through qualification, appointment setting, presentation, proposal, discussion, negotiation etc, leading to deal closing if both parties are satisfied.It’s true that the business scenario has undergone a transformation during past two decades and latest technologies and novel methodologies play a major role in sales strategies today, however, B2B lead generation companies cannot taste any real success without developing an efficient process for managing their sales funnel, which includes each and every step like lead generation, lead management and follow-up and deal closing. Small problems often creep in making the various stages of the process inefficient and less productive. Developing a system for effective monitoring and ironing out these problems is, therefore, very important for the success of any sales organization.

Over dependence on lead generation:

Pumping new business leads into your sales pipeline is of course important, you need fresh opportunities on a regular basis- however, concentrating only on new leads and not doing enough about the existing ones is often the undoing of B2B lead generation companies. Lead generation needs investing time, effort and money- so it’s a costly way of trying to improve your sales results- and you must understand it before it’s too late.

Over dependence on technology:

As mentioned earlier, using technology is the need of the modern age, however, technology can never be a replacement for a sound and efficient system. If you haven’t put in place systems to run your sales process smoothly, technology can only help to a limited extent. You can find out the genesis of your problems using modern technology, but ironing out the problem has to be done through smart strategies and efficient functioning only.

Focusing too much on closing ratios:

It’s true that closing a deal is the ultimate objective of any sales organization, however, if you are concentrating solely on deal closing ratios and neglecting other stages of the sales process, you are in for a big trouble. Measuring the success of each stage of the process is the only way of ensuring better sales results.

B2B lead generation companies need to avoid these common errors to develop and efficient sales process and ensure greater success.

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