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Leaving voice mails for the decision makers is an integral component of the strategy of B2B lead generation companies. Once you leave these messages, the waiting game begins. The success of B2B lead generation companies depends a lot on the quality of these voice mail messages as the decision makers are likely to call back only if they find something worthwhile in your call, and for that they have to listen to your full message. Unfortunately, most sales reps leave ill prepared, hasty voice mails that fail to catch the attention of the people who really matter.

The best time:

Unlike cold calling when the prospect is going through a hectic work schedule dealing with people and putting out a thousand fires, voice mails give you a chance to catch them in a quite moment. They can listen to your messages unhurriedly and be receptive to what you have to say. This is the best time to convince them that you have something special for them and make them call you back with a positive mindset. So don’t waste this golden opportunity by leaving a poorly thought out message. Here is how you can make your voice mails more effective.

Be brief:

Don’t waste their time, be brief with your introduction. The decision makers don’t know you yet, so they won’t be interested in your designation and company name etc. Just give your name and phone number and move on to the purpose of your call.

Use referrals upfront:

Referrals always have a positive effect on the listener. If you have been referred to this prospect by a close friend, colleague or associate, state it clearly just after you have introduced yourself. This will make them interested and chances of your message getting deleted will be reduced.

Make an effective script:

B2B lead generation companies must prepare effective scripts for leaving voice mail messages. This is not a conversation, so style and versatility are not needed. Making a script will allow you to be focused, brief and to the point.

B2B lead generation companies can make full use of the potential of voice mail messages with a little planning and imagination. Leaving brief and effective messages can ensure better results and enhance business prospects.

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