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B2B Lead Generation

B2B lead generation companies: Insights for 2013

By September 24, 2013No Comments

B2B LEAD GENERATION COMPANIES IN INDIAB2B lead generation companies working on the behalf of their clients are now focusing more of their attention on understanding the buyer process and knowing how they move down the marketing and sales funnels. More closely than ever. And delivering timely & relevant content is of foremost important for such companies.

As per reports, average purchase timeline for B2B buyers has increased from 4.6 months in 2009 to 5.4 months in 2012. This is accompanied by buyers doing their own research, and quite comprehensively at that! As per a CEB study, 57% of purchase decisions are taken before customers even talk to the company. And that certainly puts things in a different trajectory altogether for B2B lead generation companies. However, it’s evident that companies are interested in asking qualifying questions, and a majority of them consider purchasing time horizon as the most valuable additional data component. The second most valuable additional data point is the size of the business, measured as per the employee base. The number of employees is mainly important because it can help in determining the offers to be made and the price points that need to be modified to make the product or service more sellable.

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