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B2B Lead Generation

B2B Lead Generation Companies: Manage Your Leads Better

Most people working with B2B lead generation companies quite often surprisingly fail to distinguish between lead generation and lead management processes. B2B lead generation companies need both these processes to run smoothly and in perfect harmony with each other, but one must have a clear idea of the distinction between the two in order to maintain the perfect balance. Lead generation is finding new leads for the company when you don’t have enough prospects in the pipeline or at least not enough good ones that can be counted on to turn into deals. Lead management, on the other hand, is managing the leads you already have in your kitty. You have to distinguish between good and poor leads, and work out ways to convert the generic leads into highly qualified sales prospects.

Many B2B lead generation companies have a steady flow of leads and yet find it hard to make their appointment setting process click, or push the initial momentum forward or to close deals even when the leads seem quite promising for a long time. This means going back to the lead generation process and wasting more resources and time on generating new leads when you have already missed out on some golden opportunities to catch big fish.

Putting in place a good system for lead management is the key for B2B lead generation companies. You must be able to identify between long-range and short-range sales leads that will allow you to devote more time on the prospects who have already made up their minds to buy. Long-range leads need extra attention and special care over a period of time. If your B2B companies can put in place a system that distinguishes between leads on the basis of their quality,you can close more deals while a steady flow of leads keeps your pipeline filled with more prospects.

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