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B2B lead generation companies: The smart way to generate business

By September 19, 2013April 20th, 2023No Comments

B2B Lead Generation Company in India

Continuing from the previous post… Comparing the figures to marketers in North America and the UK, Australian B2B lead generation companies are more involved in content marketing. However, despite all the efforts and global trends, just about 30% of marketers are happy with what they’re getting out of content marketing. The primary reason for such disappointment, so to speak, is because Australian marketers have embraced content marketing but they haven’t come to terms with the fact that it requires a new skill set to make the most of it. One needs to think more like a journalist and a publisher instead of a marketer. Because content marketing for B2B lead generation Companies is all about providing data instead of hard selling.

Comparing this to other tactics, in-person events are among the most successful of the lot with more than 75% of marketers considering them as effective, followed by mobile content and microsites, along with mobile apps. As far as Australia goes, the primary goal of content marketing is to generate brand equity. This is followed by customer engagement, retention, acquisition, and lead generation. As far as measurement criteria for the success of these tactics go, website traffic was at the top of the list with 61% voting for the same!

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