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A lot of B2B lead generation companies promise to give you qualified business leads that would boost your business and enhance your profit margins. While it’s not a bad idea at all to outsource your lead generation aspect, you must be cautious whether these B2B lead generation companies actually provide qualified leads or just a mailing list with names, addresses and phone numbers. Anyone in the industry knows that you can easily get such mailing lists online or buy them from any vendor without paying much. Sales leads mean little unless they are backed with some thorough research, useful information and deep insights about the organization to help you plan your strategy accordingly.

B2B Lead Generation companies, B2B Lead Generation in india

B2B Lead Generation companies, B2B Lead Generation in india

Qualifying leads:

Many B2B lead generation companies provide sales leads with minimal information without any proper research about the prospect’s company or industry. Unless you are aware about a prospect’s specific needs and pain points, you can’t judge their motivation level and prioritizing such leads becomes impossible. The real meaning of qualifying a sales lead is to do a thorough research about their organization’s needs and problems before even approaching them. Once you are familiar with their background, you try to contact the decision maker to ascertain the level of their motivation to buy your product, service or solution. If they are motivated enough, you approach them for appointment setting which paves way for presenting your solution. This is the basic process that any good, reputed B2B lead generation company should complete before handing the lead over to its client. Without these insights and client specific information, any contact list is nothing more than a cheap mailing list.

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