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Over-aggressive or insecure clients often create unpleasant situations for a B2B lead generation company despite all the efforts made by the company management. Just when you have the feeling that the client is friendly and understanding and everything is under control, things take a turn for the worse and the customer becomes distrustful and hostile. A B2B lead generation company would do well to avoid getting into such an unpleasant situation by choosing their clients carefully. We are listing some types of clients that you should try and avoid working with:

  • Over-aggressive clients: Avoid clients that are over-aggressive or pompous. They never like to take any blame for things going wrong, they would be the first to blame you whether you are at fault or not. They are never wrong, things always go wrong because of the incompetence of others.
  • Insecure clients: If a client is holding a responsibility where he/she feels insecure, you are in for a bit of trouble. Your prospect is likely to show their competence by blaming others for the debacle, and no one is more expendable than the poor vendor.
  • Clients new in the industry: A B2B lead generation company should be wary of clients entering into a new industry. Yes, such deals are often quite lucrative, but chances that they have never encountered the industry-specific problems are always there, and you would be first one to get the blame if things go wrong. Remember that they still don’t have any clear cut policies or procedures, so you have to be extra careful in dealing with them. Similarly, clients trying out their hands in a new industry often prove to be tricky customers because they try applying rules that worked in their previous business.
  • Clients lacking corporate culture: Any company where decisions are made only at the top is going to present an unpleasant situation sooner or later. These clients don’t know how to delegate responsibilities and consequently no one knows who is supposed to perform a particular task. Vendors are generally the easiest targets in such a scenario.

Dealing with hostile clients is never a pleasant experience for a B2B lead generation company but making things any worse is never advisable. Don’t involve yourself in any verbal spats, exit gracefully if you can’t salvage a situation, remember that your reputation might get tarnished if your spat gets public.

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