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B2B Lead Generation Company: Creating And Managing Leads

One of the most peculiar problems for any B2B lead generation company is to strike a balance between creating new sales leads and managing the existing ones in the sales pipeline. It’s true that creating loads of new leads is necessary for a B2B lead generation company, yet qualifying these generic leads is equally important. Even if you have a steady flow of new sales leads coming in, you will find it difficult to discern the qualified leads from the unqualified ones unless you have a proper system in place to manage these leads. This could present a twin disadvantage. On one hand, you will miss some really promising opportunities to turn good leads into closed deals and on the other hand, you will have to go back to your lead generation effort to create more sales leads. This will require the B2B lead generation company to spend a lot of time and resources, causing huge losses in terms of reputation and profitability.

If you don’t manage your existing sales leads efficiently and take the sales process forward smoothly, you will keep spinning your wheels without producing anything worthwhile. A lot of productive time will be wasted in unearthing new leads when you could have spent that time in following up more promising prospects and setting up appointments with them.

Try to separate the short term sales leads from the long term leads. Identify the prospects that are highly motivated and decisive, and put in your best efforts to win them over. Assign the task of following up with the long term leads to the reps who are more patient and can keep in touch with the less decisive or motivated customers for months without complaining.

Creating new business leads is of course very important, but the real success of a B2B lead generation company lies in managing the existing leads more efficiently and taking them to their logical conclusion.