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Writing proposals is an integral part of the job of every B2B lead generation company. Once you have qualified a lead, and as they say, when you are ready to deliver the punch, you prepare a proposal so that the client gets to know the salient features of your product or service. However, if a B2B lead generation company believes in writing proposals without any thorough research and without making the customers come up with their specific needs and pain points, this is going to be a futile exercise that wastes your time, effort and of course money.

A Machine gun approach:

Most sales organizations adopt a machine gun approach firing proposals in all directions without any specific targets. As a result, most of these proposals are bound to miss the target. You may consider it high-energy lead generation, pumping countless fresh leads into your sales pipeline and then writing proposals in a mad rush to meet all the deadlines; however, without a clear-cut strategy and direction, this approach will prove counterproductive to your B2B lead generation company.

Customer is the boss:

B2B Lead Generation Company, B2B Lead Generation Company in india, B2B Lead GenerationAny sales guru will tell you that the success mantra while preparing a sales proposal is always that it’s about the client, not about you. If you are writing proposals in bulk without giving any thought or consideration to the specific needs and pain points of the customer, they are not going to like it. You must have a set of questions to encourage the client to come up with their problems and requirements. A thorough research about their industry and organization will also help you in identifying their needs and points of pain. Once you are familiar with these basics, try customizing your solutions to suit their needs. Clients will be more than happy to accept this solution and award the deal to you.

Remember that a rifle approach is always best suited if you want to save time, resources and money. The best way forward for a B2B lead generation company is to target specific customers and work hard to customize their proposals for their specific requirements.

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