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B2B Lead Generation Company: Dealing With No Shows

Nothing is more frustrating for a B2B lead generation company than coming across decision makers who fail to show up for an appointed meeting. The whole scheduling of a B2B lead generation company can go awry if the prospect cancels a scheduled appointment at the last minute without giving any legitimate reason. Many sales persons lose their cool, some even assume that the lead is as good as lost, and usually there is a feeling of disappointment and gloom. However, is it really prudent to feel discouraged and assume that the lead was not qualified or that the prospect wasn’t interested in dealing with you from the very beginning? Is it prudent to start doubting the efficiency of your system and effectiveness of your strategies?

Remain positive:

Overreacting to a missed appointment will not help a B2B lead generation company. Fact is that these decision makers are busy people, you may not yet be figuring high on their priority lists. They have their own clients to take care of, their staff to deal with, their own fires to put out. Perhaps you shouldn’t read too much into just one missed meeting.

Give it another shot:

Instead of giving up the lead as a no-hope, try contacting the prospect again and request for a fresh appointment. Chances are good that the lead is not unqualified and the customer will show up the next time and the sales cycle will move forward. By losing hope early you may lose a promising deal half way.

Learn to move on:

Every B2B lead generation company must realize that while any lead generation program produces many quality leads, they are bound to produce a few unqualified sales leads also. You don’t have to worry too much or doubt the efficiency of your system if the percentage of such unqualified leads is low. You just have to take these disappointments in your stride and move on to the next thing on your schedule, to attend more promising sales leads.