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Often the sales people working at a B2B lead generation company tend to think that the business leads for their industry are unique in characteristics and require specific methods and measures. However, the truth is that irrespective of the industry or approach a B2B lead generation company adopts any quality sales lead requires two basic elements to be addressed. While the first of these elements- pain- is essential for lead generation; the second element- motivation- is essential for qualifying the lead and taking the sales process forward. You can neither generate a solid business lead or take the lead to its logical conclusion if these two basic elements are absent.

Identifying the points of pain:

B2B lead generation company, companies in indiaThe key to success for any B2B lead generation company is the ability to identify the points of pain before approaching any prospective client. You don’t need any bought contact lists or any referrals if you keep your eyes open to changing business scenarios because that is where you find quality sales leads. Cold calling is an effective tool for the sales organizations but you must understand the basic fact that no prospect is going to entertain you unless they are in some sort of pain. Why would anybody consult a doctor if they don’t have any problem? Learn to identify the pain points of the prospects and you have a good chance of getting an audience with them.

Testing the motivation:

B2B lead generation companies in indiaThe bitter fact of the sales world is that many prospects can live with their pain for years to come. If you are presuming without testing their motivation that you can close the deal in a jiffy just because you have identified their points of pain, perhaps you are in for a rude shock. There are several factors that may lead to a lack of motivation on a prospect’s part: lack of money, internal support, awareness, experience or time. Try to take them forward with yourself on the sales path, if they hesitate or back out, it’s time you move on.

Understanding the basic elements of a quality business lead is essential for a B2B lead generation company. Merely relying on the latest technologies and innovative methods without actually understanding the basics is not going to take you anywhere.

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