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b2b lead generation companyOne of the most challenging aspects of the job of a B2B lead generation company is to convince or get past the call screeners. Due to their natural aversion to the sales people, the decision makers put up many layers of gatekeepers around themselves, for them every single minute is important and any unsolicited call is gross wastage of time. The success of a B2B lead generation company depends a great deal on the ways they can devise to tackle these gatekeepers and get in touch with the decision makers.

Call screening traps:

The experienced call screeners have their own methods to identify the fake callers posing to be familiar with the all important persons sitting inside the chambers. They set up call screening traps and if you are not cautious enough, they will catch you trying to steal past them and you won’t have another chance. So what can be done to avoid being weeded out by these traps and getting through to the decision makers?

Know the details before you call:

If you don’t know the exact name and designation of the decision maker you want to talk with, you will be caught instantly. The call screeners are appointed to protect the time of their superiors, they are not going to let you in if you have “sales person” written all over your call.

Be honest:

There is no point in trying to bluff your way through most of the times. If you can convince the call screener that you are calling for a product or service that could be beneficial for their organization, chances are that you will be allowed to talk with the decision maker and your B2B lead generation company will have a promising customer.

Build trust:

This may take some time but if you succeed in conveying the message that you are a problem solver with good knowledge about their company and industry, they will find it easier to trust you. Once that is accomplished, you can develop a long-lasting business relationship.

It is imperative for any B2B lead generation company to devise new and innovative methods to get past the call screeners to be in the same room with the decision makers. Being honest and doing your homework well always helps your cause.

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