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B2B Lead Generation CompanyThe most frustrating experience for any B2B lead generation company is to come across a prospect who turns out to be “not interested” after they have invested a huge amount of time on the lead. The first impulse in such a situation is to curse your luck and move on to another more promising lead. Some others try to put in some more effort to persuade the customer to try their product or service. Both these approaches are more like knee-jerk reactions, you fail to take out anything positives from the lead by adopting the first approach and you tend to lose even more valuable time on a customer who lacks motivation if you adopt the second approach.

Learning a lesson:

If you realize that the prospect is really not interested, there is no point in trying to persuade them any longer, but at the same time, moving on without learning your lesson will render all the time you have invested an absolute waste. Try to learn your lessons, they might come handy for your B2B lead generation company in future. Ask the prospect the reason why they are not interested in buying from you. If you have a ready counter for their objection, you still might turn the deal in your favor. If you don’t have one, note down the objection in your notebook and try finding an effective counter for such situations in future. A list of such counters will prepare you better for dealing with various objections and make your cold calling process more effective.