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B2B Lead Generation Company, B2B Lead Generation in indiaA good script is a necessity for the success of any B2B lead generation company. Without a script it becomes almost impossible for a B2B lead generation company to provide consistency and qualification control to the whole lead generation process. Some sales persons believe in spontaneity, they consider a sales script as a mere showing-off business, however this is not true. A few advantages of having a good script before you pick up the phone are as follows:

Provides a structure to lead generation process:

Thinking on your feet is not such a good idea for a sales person, you need to have a thoroughly researched script that can provide you the questions you need to ask during your conversation. You will anticipate the queries and objections that can be raised by the prospect and will be prepared with the answers in advance. This will convey the message that you are confident and well prepared, a true professional.

An insurance against omissions:

A perfect script makes sure that you ask all the relevant questions and cover all the salient features of your product or service. This is an insurance for the B2B lead generation company against the omission of anything important or inclusion of something unnecessary. This conveys a very good impression that you are an expert, a no-nonsense industry peer.

Ensures a consistency to the process:

The best thing about working with a script is that it provides a consistency to the qualification process. This means that no two sales reps are applying different qualification criteria and leads can be ranked using the same yardsticks across the board.

Prevents any breaks in the process:

If the entire team is using the same scripts and methodology, there is always a sort of continuity in the process and anyone in the team can get to know the present status of any particular lead. This makes it easier for any new rep to pick up a lead where it is left by their predecessor. This saves the organization a lot of time, money and embarrassment and can be the difference between closing and losing a deal.

Working with a good script is imperative for any B2B lead generation company if lead generation process is to be made consistent and effective. It ensures that the sales person is prepared to ask the right questions and give the right answers.