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It gets very frustrating for a B2B lead generation company when a prospect fails to show up for a fixed appointment. A lot of time has been invested by the B2B lead generation company in researching and discussing the issues specific to the prospect’s company, and when it seems that the sales process is moving smoothly, the prospect misses an appointment when that is least expected. What does it mean? Has the customer lost interest in your solution? Have you lost a deal that promised so much? Should you forget about this lead and start looking for a fresh one?

Don’t get impatient:

Its right that the discussions with the prospect looked very promising and you had high expectations from this appointment, but don’t get impatient if they miss a meeting. It doesn’t imply that they are no longer interested in your solution. Perhaps they had a more urgent work to do, perhaps they have something higher up in their priority list for the moment.

Try rescheduling the appointment:

Remember that if the prospect didn’t show up for an appointment, it’s not the end of the world. Try to schedule another appointment by getting in touch with them. If you have pinpointed their core issues and have an effective solution ready, there is no reason why you should lose hope without giving it another try.

Give them some space:

We are living in an era where decision makers have packed work schedules. They are always short of time, virtually running against time to meet deadlines and keeping everyone satisfied. Give them some space; ask them when they can again grant an appointment. Getting too frustrated or impatient is not going to help a B2B lead generation company.

Try another level of contacts:

If you feel that your contact in the company is unable to help you for any reason, try getting in touch with someone higher up in the company hierarchy. If your solution can help the company solve their problems and get bigger results, the management would definitely entertain you.

Getting frustrated by a missed appointment is not the right way for a B2B lead generation company. Remain patient and try for another appointment. Contacting another decision maker can also prove beneficial in case your present contact is not helpful.

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