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Cold calling is a very potent tool for a B2B lead generation company, however, it can be a frustrating exercise at times. Every cold call gives you an opportunity to learn more about the prospect and earn their trust, but if the person at the other end of the phone line is unresponsive, it seems as if that opportunity is wasted. That is not the case. If a B2B lead generation company has readymade responses to oft-repeated objections or unhelpful remarks, even these seemingly frustrating experiences can be turned into opportunities. You can gain valuable information or referrals from an unresponsive person if you go about it the right way. Here are a few tips about performing this apparently impossible task.

Ask for the right information:

One of the most common problems while making a cold call is to come across a person who is not the one you wanted to get in touch with. However, hanging up is not going to gain anything for your B2B lead generation company. Even if the person says they are not the right ones to talk to, ask them to direct you to the right person, or better still, refer you to them. This way you wouldn’t waste a call and a new door will open for you.

Elicit some useful information:

Don’t let the opportunity of talking to someone in the company go waste even if they are not the intended persons. You can always ask them about the way company functions or the systems being used by their organization. This will give you a new insight about the company and could open up new vistas.

Keep them talking:

There is no need to get disheartened if the decision maker informs you that they are already using a solution supplied by one of your competitors. That is to be expected, after all they are not new in business. However, you can ask them if they are satisfied with the performance of their existing solution or system. If they are having problems with their system, you could offer them your services or at least record them as a reverse referral for future projects.

Making full use of every single cold call is essential for a B2B lead generation company. Even if the person at the other end of the call is not very helpful, you must find ways to get some useful information from them.

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