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B2B lead generation company management and sales teams often rely too much on technical jargon and ornate language in trying to woo the customers. It is generally believed that it’s difficult for a B2B lead generation company to succeed without using hyped-up promises and buzz words. However, it must be understood clearly that these buzz words, promises and technical jargon are merely the tools for the sales persons, you cannot convince the customer to buy from you until you offer what they really want. So that is the million dollar question: what do the customers really want?

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It’s true that ornate language has its own charm but any sales conversation boils down to essentially three main components, and you need to offer at least one of these to your customer:

  • Time saving
  • Profits in terms of money earned or money saved
  • Reduction in stress levels

Time saving:

Time is money, as is rightly said, and no prospect is going to refuse a solution that may help them save valuable time. If your solution is designed to help your customers get their work done faster, more efficiently, losing less time and still enhance their productivity, you don’t need to make things complex by talking about technical details, state of the art techniques and the usual rubbish that sales people often use.

Profits in terms of money earned or money saved:

Relying too much on your ability to offer cheaper services is not always the best strategy for a B2B lead generation company. If you can offer products or services that may help your clients to save money or earn more money, you are in for a good time. Demonstrate how you are going to help them improve their systems to achieve more productivity or get the same amount of work done using fewer people, you can get them interested in buying from you.

Reducing stress levels:

Every company prefers to work in a stress free environment as it is well proved that employees perform best when they are relaxed and tension-free. Offer a solution that is elegant, customer friendly and easier to work with, customers will be happy to buy a solution that makes their lives simpler and easier.

Using too much technical jargon and unnecessary buzz words without offering anything substantial is not a good strategy for any B2B lead generation company. Offer what the clients really want and you will be a winner.

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