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B2B lead generation is one of the most important processes for any kind of organization across the world. However, the biggest mistake ever committed by firms once they get leads is to think the job’s done. The fact of the matter is, just because one has conversed with the prospect online (exchanged mails, got the lead through a banner campaign) or offline (telemarketing) doesn’t mean it’s not necessary to talk to them in person. That’s exactly what one needs to close the deal, or take it to the next level in the sales cycle.

The perception of just using correspondence to qualify sales deals is one of the primary reasons of leads slipping out of the sales funnel. People are of the opinion that the means don’t really matter as long as the conversation is going on. However, personal interaction via phone or by meeting in person is a great way to establish trust and get to know the other person is for real, so to speak. The prospect may have just filled a form online or shown interest via mail. It’s one thing to see a person interested in the proposition, closing the deal for real, totally another.

When it comes down to the bottom line in B2B lead generation, one would be talking about much more than just filling out a form. Sure, the other person has a hint of the services or products being offered, and would be likely to spend. But there are many more aspects like making proposals, budgets to be taken into consideration, etc. All this means that the leads need to be really qualified to take things to the next level.

Another point of consideration is that one needs to be clear on what the prospect is up to. There’s nothing more misleading than mixed signals. One can’t hope to get anywhere just by waiting for the client’s responses all the time. It’s important to follow-up and show the other person that you mean business. Having the prospect’s ‘word’ is another misleading characteristic of an incomplete B2B lead generation conversation, particularly in an email format, since anybody can write it. So, one needs to physically talk to the other person to know they mean what they say. And lastly, one needs to ensure that neither the service provider nor the prospect too much time thinking. This usually results in the B2B lead generation efforts going to a waste, and one needs to action things out sooner instead of later.

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