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B2B lead generation for Canada

B2B Lead Generation for Canada: Communication Medium

One of the biggest hurdles in enhancing B2B lead generation for Canada in the present scenario is the lack of response from the decision makers. The economy is still sluggish and most companies are operating on curtailed budgets, so how do you enhance B2B lead generation for Canada if the people sitting in the top positions fail to respond to your e-mails or to call you back? It’s so frustrating when you have talked to a prospect on phone, sent follow-up e-mails with additional information and started working on the final presentation and suddenly your prospect starts playing hide and seek and even stops responding completely. Everything seems lost. You feel that you have lost a promising lead and now will have to look for more leads in order to boost B2B lead generation for Canada. However, the situation may not be as drastic as it looks from you’re your angle. Perhaps your prospect is just not finding time to respond to your e-mails, perhaps they prefer talking on phone as their in-boxes are flooded with too much junk, or perhaps they like a one-to-one meeting before taking a major decision. So, don’t panic, call them if they don’t respond to your e-mails, and ask them their preferred communication medium. Chances are that you will still be able to close the deal. You have to look for every possible way of boosting B2B lead generation for Canada, and finding the customer’s preferred communication medium is a part of the game.

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