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B2B lead generation for Canada

B2B lead generation for Canada: Making the right moves

B2B lead generation outsourcingRaw leads are often passed on directly to sales by teams dealing in B2B lead generation for Canada, and when salespersons call on such prospects, they’re not in the right frame of mind to buy. However, the standard response is ‘we’re not interested’. And while the sales rep might feel that the buyer is not a genuine lead, the other person may, in all likelihood, be taken aback at receiving a sales call when he/she wasn’t expecting any. Adding further complication to the situation is the fact that the prospect doing the research is actually just one part of the buying process.

And while this may strain the relationship between sales and marketing, recent studies have revealed that there might be a way to bridge the gap using big data. As per these findings, more than 40 percent of sales reps feel ill-equipped in terms of the right information before making a call for B2B lead generation in Canada. While 45 percent need help understanding which accounts need to be given priority. Across the entire survey group, 20 percent of a salesperson’s time is spent doing research and finding out whatever is important for them to know.

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