Inside Sales and B2B Sales Leads for Software, IT Products

B2B Sales Leads For Tech Companies

Software Products/Services sales cycle is usually a very complex one and generating B2B Sales Leads difficult. On top of that there are radical technology changes coming up in the market all the time, therefore becomes very important to be focused on the core competencies of an organization. With one eye on ensuring that you are innovating and keeping up with your competitors all the time, it becomes very difficult to open up new markets and keep the existing market aware of the changes/ modifications to products, upgrades, versions etc.

If you someone in Technology domain it is important to make sure there is adequate pipeline and opportunities; to keep the business viable.

The Global Associates has the services to cater to organizations where we can be a part of the Sales Team with our inside sales or lead generation services.

We can also do research and study the market nerve. In addition to this services like telemarketing, making cold calls, doing research to understand the requirement and lead identification are of immense value as well.

To sum up, The Global Associates can provide following sales & marketing services:

  • B2B Lead Generation
  • Inside Sales
  • Telephone appointment setting
  • Data research solutions
  • Event registration management
  • Trade Show Leads follow-up
  • B2B appointment setting
  • Other Sales Solutions