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B2B Lead Generation in India, CompanyAn uncertain economy and lack of decisive policy measures have made B2B lead generation in India a tough task that needs a new perspective in addition to using new techniques and innovative technologies. Most sales organizations still fail to understand that the business scenario has undergone a metamorphosis in the recent decades and enhancing B2B lead generation is impossible using the same old, worn-out tools and techniques. However, what is even more important is to realize that the role of a sales person has also been redefined by these changing circumstances. The customer is no longer looking for a salesman with an aggressive outlook, they want someone who can help them solve their problems, who can help them improve their efficiency and enhance their profit margins.

A problem solver:

Changing your attitude towards your profession and thinking and acting like a problem solver is the key to enhancing B2B lead generation in India. You are in the sales business and naturally your ultimate objective is to sell your product or service, but you must understand that sales is a give and take sort of business, it just can’t be a one way deal where only one party benefits. The best approach is to shed those hard-sell tactics and focus on identifying the problems and points of pain of your client. This will enable you to prepare a solution that is custom-made for them. If your business relationship is mutually beneficial, you can expect it to be permanent and satisfying for both parties.

Generating sales leads:

If you get used to thinking like a problem solver, you will understand that the best sales leads do not come from a bought list or even from referrals, they come from changing business environment if you keep your eyes open to such changes. You cannot find promising business prospects waiting passively for leads, these leads are generated by business moves and expansions, change of location, upsizing and downsizing of companies, changes in laws and regulations and various compliance issues etc. If you have a solution for the arising situations, you are in business right away.

B2B lead generation in India depends a lot on your attitude towards your profession. It’s time you stop thinking and acting like a sales person, and become a problem solver.

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