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Salespeople often tend to think that closing deals faster is the key to enhancing B2B lead generation in India. These people believe that the entire business process of prospecting, presenting your solution, and closing the deal can be completed within a few short calls, and naturally, they are always in a hurry.

B2B Lead Generation In India

However, any top sales guru will tell you that this misconception that the sales cycle could be shortened to just a few short calls leads to frustration and failure. Cultivating a business lead is an art, and you need to devote time to perfect this art. No doubt, there could be a few instances when you have identified the pain points of the prospect and they are highly motivated to buy a solution. This is a scenario where closing a deal sooner than usual is possible, but such cases are exceptions rather than the rule.

For one thing, the decision-makers are a busy lot today. A few decades ago the decision-makers had more time and they didn’t have access to the internet and all the information that is available to the present-day executives. Salespersons had the advantage of being a step ahead of the customer in those days, but not anymore. You have to compete with rivals while dealing with the client who is well informed and in many cases has already made up his mind about the product or service he wants. You need to be patient and persuasive at the same time to woo a prospect, but above all, you need to do your research even before you dial a number. Knowing your prospect well and preparing a good script is essential for enhancing B2B lead generation in India. You need to invest quality time if you want to close more deals.

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