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Finding your way past all the barriers put up by the decision-makers and getting an appointment is an important step toward enhancing B2B lead generation in India. This is an opportunity for you to present your customized solution for their needs and pain points to take the sales process forward. Once you satisfy the client and clinch the deal, you can use their referrals for contacting more decision-makers to further enhance B2B lead generation in India.

B2B Lead Generation In India

Every salesperson knows just how important an opportunity for an appointment is, and naturally, there is always a deep sense of disappointment when a prospect cancels the meeting and chooses to stay away. Most people see it as a sign that the prospect is not interested and that the lead is as good as over. You have of course invested a lot of time and effort in reaching the appointment-setting stage, all that effort would go to waste if the prospect has decided not to buy. However, does a missed meeting mean you have lost the lead?

Be patient:

A salesperson must learn to be patient. We all know that decision-makers are extremely busy people, they may have more important tasks on their priority list than meeting you at the moment. So, have a little patience and don’t panic. The best way out is to try for another appointment.

Try another level:

Let us suppose that the prospect is not interested any longer. So, should you move ahead and invest your time in qualifying some other lead? Or should you give it yet another try? If you think that the lead is really important, try a higher level of the decision maker and find a way to convince them about the suitability of your product or service for their organization.

You should always see a missed appointment as another opportunity to enhance B2B lead generation in India. You are a salesperson, finding your way through hurdles and difficulties is a quality you should learn sooner rather than later.

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