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B2B Lead Generation in India: Fast Closing Sales

B2B lead generation in India is all about generating leads, following them up to set appointments and then closing deals after going through the usual sales cycle. The percentage of leads that actually turn into closed deals determines how successful B2B lead generation in India actually is. Sometimes a deal closes in a jiffy, surprising even the sales rep involved themselves and the company as well. Can sales cycle really be compressed so that the time period involved is shortened drastically? In some cases this is a possibility for sure. If the client is highly motivated and wants the product or service in hurry and the sales person understands the requirements of the client perfectly well, the sales cycle can certainly be shortened. However, in most cases, any lead that is progressing at a faster pace than usual is most definitely a warning signal.

Dishonest clients:

If your client is pursuing you more than the other clients and seems a little too eager to use your product or service, stop and think. Closing deals is imperative to make B2B lead generation in India successful, but that won’t quite work out if your client refuses to pay after receiving your product or service. Slow down the sales process a little and find out about the previous track record of the clients. Are they poor paymasters? Have they defaulted in the past also? Don’t ignore the warning signals if the sales process is moving too quickly.

Client is misunderstanding you:

If the sales process is moving at a faster pace than usual, there is a fair possibility that the client is actually unaware of exactly what they are going to receive at the end of the day. It could be an unpleasant surprise for both of you. If you have this uneasy feeling, don’t take any chances. Offer to give a demonstration to your clients of your product or service and make sure there is no misunderstanding on their part.

Fast-closing sales may in fact prove detrimental to the growth of B2B lead generation in India. Slow down the process and investigate all angles before going ahead with such leads.

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