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B2B Lead Generation In India : Fundamentals Matter

Improving B2B lead generation in India is not an easy task with the economy still as sluggish as ever and buyers reluctant to spend from their shoe-string budgets. However, if one follows some basic fundamentals instead of just blindly dialing hundreds of phone numbers everyday, there is still a chance of enhancing B2B lead generation in India even as companies are closing down left right and center. What are these fundamentals of lead generation that help you fill your sales pipeline with quality leads?

Knowing your final objective:

Before you start to develop your lead generation program, you should be clear in your mind about what your final objective is, and here it’s definitely a meeting with the prospect. Depending on a lot of factors like the type of services you offer, the size of your industry and the company you are approaching, and the availability of time etc, you have to choose the mode of interaction with the decision maker. If finding time for meeting face to face is difficult, web conferencing is always a good option in this cyber age. Your approach will depend on this final objective.

Finding your way through:

Enhancing B2B lead generation in India will remain a mere day dream if you don’t find your way through to the decision makers. Having a good script is an essential ingredient of a successful lead generation program. Doing your research is very important in order to develop a good script. Find out the pain points and the needs of the prospect and chalk out a possible solution before calling them.

Preparing a solid starting point:

A comprehensive contact list is an absolute necessity. It’s the starting point that can catapult you into the big league. Include the most promising prospects in the list, but also branch out and try to uncover untapped markets, people who may need your services in future.

One should never be too conservative in the lead generation business, trying out innovative methods and strategies is necessary in a fiercely competitive world. There are, however, some fundamentals that always help in enhancing B2B lead generation in India if these are combined with the latest methods and technologies.

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