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Appointment setting is an essential component for enhancing B2B lead generation in India, it provides you an opportunity to come face-to-face with the decision-makers. However, contrary to what many salespeople believe, appointment setting is not an opportunity in itself, it only gives you a chance to explore if an opportunity exists. You must understand that appointment setting is just a step in the process of enhancing B2B lead generation in India, it doesn’t guarantee a qualified opportunity. It’s more about activity rather than opportunity, opportunities already exist, you have to stir activity to find these opportunities.

B2B Lead Generation In India

An opportunity to know the prospect:

Experienced sales people know that their proficiency and sales skills notwithstanding, an opportunity cannot exist without two basic components: pain and motivation. A face-to-face meeting with the prospect gives you a great opportunity to know your prospect well. You can ask probing, direct questions to elicit the needed information to ascertain whether any pain exists and whether the prospect has the motivation to do anything about their pain.

Essential components of appointment setting:

You need to run an effective appointment-setting campaign to achieve better results in your effort for B2B lead generation in India, especially at a time when the economy is still in bad shape and the chips are down. To make your campaign most effective, you must focus on the basic components of appointment setting:

  • An error-free, fully verified contact list of the key decision-makers that gives you access to your target accounts
  • A tireless effort, for only a ceaseless activity will ensure that you get to the appointment-setting stage. Without activity, there will not be any conversations that are followed by appointments, exchange of ideas, proposals, discussions, quotations, negotiations, and finally deal closing.
  • The right sound, the sales rep is a key component in the appointment setting, they shouldn’t sound scripted or unprepared, robotic or animated, over-aggressive or sleepy.

B2B lead generation in India depends on many components, appointment setting being one of the more important ones. Your success lies in understanding the essential aspects of appointment setting and planning your strategy accordingly.

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