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A salesperson is always the face of his organization and is largely responsible for enhancing B2B lead generation in India. It can be a matter of debate why some sales representatives are more successful in generating quality leads and closing deals than their peers, but a few basic traits can be pinpointed that are essential for a salesperson for a successful career. If you study the behavioral pattern of your top performers, you can pinpoint these traits and boost B2B lead generation in India by training the entire sales team to help them acquire those skills.

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Focusing on customer’s needs:

Sales is not about you, it’s about your customer. The successful salespersons know how to empathize with the customer and build trust with them. Asking the right questions to help them come out with their problems and requirements and customizing your solutions according to what the client needs is essential to develop a long-lasting business relationship.


You cannot hope to enhance B2B lead generation in India if your salespersons are too rigid about following their sales scripts and don’t have an idea what to do when the customer turns the conversation in some other direction. Flexibility is an essential trait for the successful sales reps. They should be able to think quickly and be ready with their responses and suggestions that suit the customer’s requirements.


Doing your homework well is an absolute must before you pick up the receiver and make a call. You must know everything about the company, name and designation of the decision maker, their pain points and needs, and a rough idea about the solution you are going to offer. If things don’t quite go the way you have planned, you must have the presence of mind to go with the flow and exhibit your expertise.

Action oriented:

Once you have the information and are ready with your plan of action, do just that, swing into action. Pick up the phone and dial. No matter how good a strategy or solution you have, it won’t work unless you actually talk with the decision maker.

If your sales team can learn from these basic traits, you can run a successful program for B2B lead generation in India and stay ahead of competition. Replicating these traits in your salespersons will go a long way in enhancing your company’s profit margins.

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