B2B Lead Generation in India : Improving Sales Performance

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B2B lead generation in India is all about optimizing your sales performance to its full potential. Every sales organization faces the challenge of dealing with their low performing sales persons and low performing business leads, enhancing B2B lead generation in India is possible only through raising their levels. It’s true that only a handful of sales persons actually bring the bulk of a company’s business, rest of the employees just complete the numbers. Similarly, only a handful of your sales leads actually complete the sales cycle and close into deals.

B2B Lead Generation in India

The sales persons:

You should develop a system where the top performing executives get incentives and the low performing sales persons are given regular training to improve their performance. This way you can raise the overall level of your sales team and also encourage the team members to strive constantly to achieve better results. The key lies in narrowing the gap between the performances of the high and low performing employees.

The sales leads:

Most sales organizations concentrate a little bit too much on the back end of their sales process that is the closing ratios. This is, however, not conducive for enhancing B2B lead generation in India. When you are looking at the leads that are closing into deals, you are actually looking at only a very small percentage of business leads that enter your sales pipeline. The real key lies in concentrating on the front end of your sales process, that is nurturing and follow up of the leads before they reach the proposal stage. Tracking the closing ratios of every individual sales rep will actually give you a better idea of the success of your lead generation program.

If you can inspire your low performing employees to learn from the high performing sales persons and improve your nurturing and follow up process, enhancing B2B lead generation in India will be just a matter of time. You will be able to work with a pool of highly motivated and skilled sales professionals and draw from a bigger pool of qualified business leads.

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