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Can The Local Flavor Help B2B Lead Generation in India?

By June 26, 2015August 18th, 2023No Comments

The Global Associates B2B lead generation in India has become global like so many other businesses in this age of super-fast communication systems. The growing practices of outsourcing and offshoring have widened the scope of B2B lead generation in India as companies located in different time zones can remain in touch and interact effortlessly with each other.

B2B Lead Generation In India

Organizations across the world freely borrow and adopt successful business practices and share their success stories even with their competitors. Some examples include the use of social media and other eye-catching strategies that have become universal.

The global village:

We are living in the internet age that has transformed the world into a global village and the availability of cheap long-distance calls has enabled the companies to base their processes and services in just any geographical location and operate globally. As physical boundaries have lost their meaning, multinational branding has become a profitable proposition and B2B lead generation companies regularly target new markets to increase their client base.

Is the local flavor still important?

It’s true that B2B lead generation outsourcing and offshoring have become quite popular and profitable in the present context but does it mean that local factor has lost its significance altogether? Can we infer that there is no place for the local flavor in B2B lead generation in India or other businesses for that matter now? The answer is an emphatic “no”.

On the contrary, the local factor still plays a very significant role in making a business venture successful. Unless a US company understands the needs and issues of the Chinese market, they won’t be able to woo the local customers. Similarly, a Chinese company may find it difficult to understand exactly how the mindset of an Indian company works. Again, it will be difficult for an Indian to judge the behavioral patterns of the European or African decision makers.

Finding the local connection:

It’s true that all the major policy decisions are taken by the central committees and executive boards of a multi-national company, however, there are local factors that only the local branches and local employees can understand better.

An American likes his tea black, but only a local decision maker would know that an Indian or a British would still prefer their tea prepared in a traditional English way, mixing milk and sugar before consuming it. A promising idea may never take off if the local factors and issues are not taken care of.

There have been several examples where a successful brand failed to repeat its success when it was introduced in a new location. So many western automobile models fail when they hit the road in less developed countries with poor roads and infrastructure and different preferences. People acquainted with local conditions and people are better placed to put this concept through.

Whether it’s B2B lead generation in India or B2B lead generation for USA, better results can be achieved only when the local factors and tastes are taken into account. It’s imperative to employ the local expertise and study vernacular practices for B2B lead generation companies to make more effective strategies and implement them more successfully.

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