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B2B Lead Generation in India: Myth and Reality

Companies adopt new technologies and devise new strategies to enhance B2B lead generation in India, however, certain myths keep going on. While the style of working has undergone a sea change over the past few decades, the old concepts still cling to the mindsets of the sales professionals, acting as a roadblock when it comes to enhancing B2B lead generation in India. Sales persons still work with the same mindsets their superiors possess and transmit to them, the changing realities of the business world still elude them.

One of the biggest myths of the lead generation business is that cold calling, done properly, can expedite the sales process and produce instantaneous results. Sales people forget that the twenty-first century age has faster communications, a more complex business scenario, and of course decision makers who are a lot busier than their predecessors.

Is it possible to cramp the whole sales process into a single day campaign? We are aware that to enhance B2B lead generation in India, one has to complete the entire sales cycle that includes building rapport with the prospect, identifying the problems and pain points of your client, framing customized solutions to alleviate their pain and last but not the least, closing the deal.Naturally it’sa long process and except for a few cases where the prospect is highly motivated and the sales person very alive to the situation, compressing it beyond a limit is impractical.

B2B lead generation in India is not just about adopting new methods and new technologies, embracing new concepts and shedding the outdated notions and ideas is equally important. After all, an old wine in a new bottle wouldn’t make much difference to a company’s fortunes.

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