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B2B Lead Generation in India

B2B Lead Generation In India: Taking One Step At A Time

Most sales persons assume that an aggressive approach is best suited to enhance B2B lead generation in India. Instead of warming up a cold call by taking a step at a time, they try to be over aggressive by asking some hard sales questions, thus losing a promising lead early and failing to give any momentum to B2B lead generation in India. Fact is that lead generation is not sales, you need to qualify a lead in order to take it to the appointment setting stage. It’s too early in the day and you haven’t yet developed any sort of relationship with the prospect. The questions you ask should be least intrusive and should help you develop a bond with the decision maker. They are not going to buy from you unless you can earn their trust.

The best way to enhance B2B lead generation in India is to adopt a softer approach. Don’t assume too much and don’t sound too eager or too pushy. Customers don’t like being pushed too much unnecessarily, they have their own fires to put out, they have their own priorities. They are more likely to entertain you if you sound consultative and helpful. Presenting yourself as a sales person will be detrimental to your cause, you should act like a problem solver who is there to help the prospects improve their efficiency and enhance their profit margins.

The right time to ask the qualification questions is when you are making appointment setting calls, don’t just yet jump the gun. Instead of sounding like a man in a hurry, slow down your process a little and try to develop relationships at this stage. If you can put the customer at ease by building trust, they are more likely to come up with their problems and pain points, giving you an opportunity to develop customized solutions to help them and enhance B2B lead generation in India.