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B2B Lead Generation

B2B lead generation: Making it big

By September 10, 2013No Comments

B2B Lead GenerationB2B lead generation is, and has always been, among the top priorities of marketers, especially for the ones who would be making complex sales in a huge enterprise. In the last decade, there has been a tremendous change in the lead generation landscape. Digital marketing is the new fad, and a quite effective channel as well. The tactics implemented in today’s times need to be  measurable and scalable. And also offer appropriate targeting for broader marketing efforts.

Here’s a list of the top B2B lead generation tactics of our times.

B2B lead generationTopping the list is content or inbound marketing. Many researches over a period of years, have shown that inbound leads are not only cost effective, but also are of better quality compared to the rest of the channels. Even though many might argue that inbound marketing has the longest ramp-up time, it’s fast becoming the first choice for smaller firms and the new favorite of established players.

Search marketing comes next in the list, offering quality as well as quantity, along with accurate tracking of all the results and ROI. If a company is currently only using inbound marketing and not focusing on search, it’s a great addition which can help get by with decent leads till high quality prospects start coming in.

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