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B2B Lead Generation Mistakes: Stay Ahead of the Game

By September 13, 2023October 4th, 2023No Comments


Business dynamics in India are constantly changing, and B2B Lead Generation Services have become a blueprint for continuous growth. It helps them identify and connect with the right prospects from a wide pool of potential clients or customers. However, to ensure constant success, companies must shed some of the established notions of B2B Lead Generation Services and embrace newness. This post discusses some of the most common mistakes B2B Lead Generation Companies commit and how to avoid them. 

So, are you ready to unlock those flaws? Let’s dive in! 

4 Common B2B Lead Generation Mistakes that Companies in India Make: B2B Lead Generation Mistakes

1. Miscalculating Sales Cycle 

Calculating the sales cycle period accurately is of the utmost importance. It encompasses the period from the beginning of the lead generation process to deal closing. Many B2B lead generation companies underestimate sales cycle periods and thus, set unrealistic goals. They roll in the cycle time for cold call leads, inbound leads, and referrals into a single metric. This may lead to misjudging a healthy lead as a dead one, as a result. 

2. Focus on Closing Ratios 

B2B lead generation companies often focus only on closing ratios and ignore other stages of the sales process. You must monitor the efficiency of each step of the process. It is essential to realize that prospecting and lead qualification are just as important as closing the deal. And therefore, you cannot ignore them. 

3. Inaccurate Sales Forecast 

If your sales forecasting is not based on sound principles, you will struggle to maintain an efficient program. Always keep referrals and inbound leads separate from the forecasting process of cold call leads to avoid confusion. It’s important to evaluate each process independently. 

4. Failure to Identify Key Points in the Sales Process

B2B lead generation companies in India must make it a practice to identify key stages in the sales process. This would help them frame their strategies based on previous experiences. Tracking the projected sales to be generated and the sales cycle period of each lead becomes convenient and more accurate this way. Generating reliable data also helps you avoid unrealistic goals. 

Many B2B lead generation companies today commit these mistakes in a hurry to grow. Therefore, despite having the right intentions, all their efforts tend to fall behind. Having a careful, future-centric plan with proper execution lays the foundation for increased sales and profit margins for the company, paving the way for business expansion. 

Reputed B2B lead generation companies like The Global Associates understand the need for strategic planning and seamless execution to generate quality leads. They use simple yet efficient B2B Lead Generation methods to write their clients’ growth stories. 

Is your B2B lead generation program generating quality leads? 

B2B lead generation companies must keep gauging their lead generation program regularly to check whether it is on the right track or not. If an organization feels it is not in sync with its expectations, it must start exploring avenues that need attention. You must first learn to recognize the signs that clearly tell you something is wrong and you need to take corrective measures before it’s too late. 

Signs that say your lead generation program needs changes urgently: 

  • Prospects not sharing correct data: There are always customers who are reluctant to explore your product/service in one go. If not addressed properly, they may share incorrect information like phone numbers, names, etc. As they get disturbed by repetitive calls or emails from your organization. A way out could be to ask the prospect only a limited number of questions at a time. Then, add more questions when they come forward to answer these queries. Simply dumping all your questions wouldn’t work. 
  • Sales representatives not following instructions: A customer initially desires to research your product/ industry. They are still uncertain of their pain points, the budget, or the timeline for their project. Your first instruction to your sales reps must always be to educate the prospect by sharing relevant information without being too intrusive. In their eagerness to meet their daily targets, sales representatives often ignore your instructions. They become too aggressive in their approach, which repels the customer. And therefore, you must keep an eye on this behavior, otherwise, many promising buyers will just move away. Your reps should always seek the prospect’s permission for interaction and gradually build relationships with them. 
  • Not getting enough leads or having low-quality leads: You should be worried if you are getting low-quality leads, or very few leads (or more importantly, no leads at all) are coming your way. The point to be noted here is that not all leads are of equal quality, so it’s imperative to identify each lead’s quality. Based on your assessment, you must devote time to each of these leads. It’s better to move on to more promising leads if certain leads seem stalled. Just have a follow-up program in place so you might entertain them in the future when they are more motivated. 
About The Global Associates (TGA): 

The Global Associates offers expert and affordable B2B lead generation and B2B demand generation solutions. You can be assured of increased productivity for your sales team, and sustainable revenue generation working with us. Our teams of experienced sales and marketing professionals use a strategic 360º approach that relies on Account Based Marketing (ABM). 

Global Associates arms you with the right strategy, technology, and operations to engage well with your target audience!  We offer specialized services like automated drip emails, scalable and technologically advanced platforms for marketing automation, direct email marketing, hyper-personalized emails to maximize impact, LinkedIn outreach, and conversational marketing. 

Working with a reputed B2B Lead Generation company like The Global Associates gives you access to strategic benefits that can enhance your growth opportunities. With us, you do not easily get trapped in common mistakes or errors that others make, bringing in a more effective and result-oriented investment. 

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