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B2B Lead Generation

B2B lead generation offshoring: Breaking barriers in 21st century

By September 20, 2013April 20th, 2023No Comments

The concept of B2B lead generation offshoring stems from the fact that small and medium businesses are probably the most difficult audience to reach. However, they are also an extremely lucrative proposition for almost all kinds of companies in the B2B space. According to recent studies, companies are opting for B2B lead generation offshoring to get access to decision-makers in such firms and break new ground in terms of revenue generation. According to certain surveys, 74% of businesses practice B2B lead generation, offshoring, or otherwise. And about 50% plan to increase their spending in this direction. In 2013, purchasing time horizon is the most valuable additional data element, with company size being a close second. Content marketing is among the top priorities.

Nearly 50% of marketers are interested in leads generated through the download of whitepapers, and 40% believe in webinars that feature their brand or products. Truth be told, B2B lead generation is on the road to being more aligned with B2B buyer processes. Buyers are now more informed about the businesses they are considering their next purchase from, and marketers wish to be better informed about their customers, leading to the perfect situation for data equity, so to speak.