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B2B Lead Generation Outsourcing: Complete Contact Lists

Thousands of B2B lead generation outsourcing agencies have mushroomed all over the world in recent years, promising to give their clients a pipeline full of quality leads. One needs to be careful, however, before going for B2B lead generation outsourcing as many of these agencies don’t even follow the basic fundamentals of lead generation business. For example, few companies understand the importance of maintaining or acquiring complete, comprehensive contact lists. If someone is selling you a simple listing of company name, contact name, city, state and area codes, without any business intelligence, thorough research about the pain points and needs, and insights into company’s immediate or future plans; they are offering incomplete information that is going to lead you nowhere.

A good B2B lead generation outsourcing agency will offer a comprehensive listing that includes more complex, exclusive data developed on the basis of the specific qualification criteria of your company. Make sure that the company you are outsourcing your business has the right credentials. You should know beforehand how much detail they will provide, whether they will provide any additional support for appointment setting to help you get in touch with the decision makers. Make sure that the agency is not a fly-by-the-night organization that will provide an incomplete contact list and then vanish into thin air. You are spending a hefty sum of money and should get some added value instead of getting a half-baked list that can be obtained online or in the yellow pages.

Spending money on a B2B lead generation outsourcing agency can be fruitful if you check their credentials before trusting them with the job. If you get the right agency, they can help you get quality leads in a heap and grow your business exponentially.

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